Suggested Shipyard in Melaka Likely to Create Over 3,000 Jobs


Northport receives nine RTG cranes

Source: Business Today

The proposed development of a shipyard costing more than RM2 billion in Tanjung Bruas, Melaka, is expected to yield high economic returns and create over 3,000 job opportunities for the locals. Melaka chief minister Ab Rauf Yusoh said the jobs would comprise unskilled, skilled and high-skilled worker categories in the shipping industry. “About 90,000 ships pass through Melaka waters annually, and the shipyard’s development will raise Melaka’s status as a maritime centre in the eyes of the world. 

 “The state government will provide support towards developing an international maritime industry in Melaka amid the busyness of the Straits of Malacca,” he told reporters here last night after an iftar function. Rauf said the development of the shipyard to undertake shipbuilding and ship repair works is also expected to stimulate further maritime activities especially in the Tanjung Bruas Port area.

He said the project’s implementation should be realised within a year of the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Thursday. It was reported that property developer LBS Bina Group Bhd, through indirect subsidiary Leaptec Engineering Sdn Bhd, inked an MoU with Turkey-based shipyard solution provider Desan Deniz Ins San AS to explore the feasibility of developing a shipyard on 485.62ha of reclaimed land in Melaka.

Rauf witnessed the signing of the MoU at Desan’s head office in Istanbul.

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