Andaman Port

Potential Hub of the Asia Pacific Region

Andaman Port Sdn Bhd (”Andaman Port”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of MMC Ports. 

Andaman Port is committed to develop Yan STS Port as a hub for LNG and Crude Oil STS Operations and international trade transiting the Asia Pacific region. 

Yan STS Port is strategically located within close proximity to the international oil and gas shipping route at the northern entrance of the Straits of Malacca, which is the busiest trade route in the world with over 100,000 ships using these waters per year. 

Yan Port Limit is blessed with safe water depths of up to 30 metres that are suitable and safe to carry out STS activities and accommodate ships of various sizes at one time.   

Key Feasibilities of Yan STS Hub

Specifications regarding the designated area for STS transfer operations in Yan STS hub include: 

Good under keel clearance and depth of water range from 19 to 30 metres suitable for VLCCS and all types.

7 nautical miles from the nearest coast.

Safe distance from navigational hazards and shallow patches.