SPT Services Sdn Bhd (“SPTS”) is a subsidiary of Johor Port and is the operator of Solid Product Jetty (“SPJ”), Tanjung Setapa, at PETRONAS’ Pengerang Integrated Complex (“PIC”). PETRONAS, through its subsidiary PRPC SPJ Sdn Bhd, holds a 30% share in SPTS.

On 15 June 2017, PETRONAS’ subsidiary, PRPC Utilities and Facilities Sdn Bhd had signed a Port Operatorship Agreement with SPTS for the operatorship of SPJ, Tanjung Setapa at Pengerang Integrated Complex, via a 25-year concession encompassing the operation, management and maintenance of terminal facilities and equipments.

Exclusive Facilities for Large-Scale Trade

SPJ terminal is a tailor-made facility designed to manage the volume produced at Pengerang Integrated Complex (“PIC”) and to ensure the timely export of Polymer (containerised) and Sulphur (bulk) as well as all other Oil & Gas Industry related products to the market.

Developed within a 6,242-acre site in Pengerang, Johor, PIC forms part of the Johor state’s Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex.

It is located at the southwest of PIC, along the Straits of Johor.  The location of the site is within the Pasir Gudang Port limits, which is under the jurisdiction of Johor Port Authority.

For more information on SPT Services Sdn Bhd, please visit: www.spts.com.my